In 2020 the Post Modern Attitude Must Die If We Are To Live

Donald Trump

It’s 8 days into the new year and we’ve already brinked on the edge of a third world war, moved through with the third presidential impeachment, and have deemed a Kanye West Christmas album unlistenable. I think it’s safe to say that at this point apathy has served its purpose and being a so called heightened individual presence online has done nothing but further instigate the proponents of the real world dwelling alt Right and reactionary patriarchy that have simultaneously deemed the one movement empowering women to a fucking hashtag.

When Donald Trump was elected President in 2016, I expected to see the end of post modern indifference in place of a newfound backlash from stoned radicals through art and music. The reactionary anger I expected was instead reduced to a few witty interviews from Charlamagne the God, a whiny J Cole single, and the death of Mac Miler and Nipsey Hussle; two artists on opposite spectrums that I believed had the potential to end the lackadaisical post modern approach that hyper capitalistic western music had become. Miller seemed to express a genuine interest in bringing the past tradition to new light and Hussle championed tangible community over any overtly grand statements of social improvement. The trump card in the new presidents back pocket was that wearing so much on his sleeve left nothing to expose, a tactic that modern media used to undermine notorious figures as a means of shifting our consciousness into morality. We loved seeing Jared Fogle go to jail because there was no way in hell a white man from the midwest was touching kids HE LOST WEIGHT AFTERALL. We loved exposing Barack Obama for war crimes (how many times does the long haired white kid in your modern politics class love to point out the fact that Obama had deported more illegal immigrants than Trump ever will)? The fuck shit with Trump was that there was nothing left to expose. His pussy grabbing was at the forefront and even the forces of the MeToo Movement couldn’t reveal something that had already entered pop culture. His overt racism left no conversation for bigotry because “at least he’s being honest man.” I mean for God’s sake even Kendrick Lamar seems to be largely MIA since his pullitzer prize in 2017, save for a play it safe verse on an incredible song by Inglewood artist Sir.

But in 2020 that shit is over. It’s time for those still possessing some moral compass to start taking a fucking stand. Shoutsout to our fellow dirty water drinkers. If Post Modernism champions ironic skepticism in the face of grand ideological problems, I shout bullshit. In fact put your fucking David Foster Wallace away if you want to see any sort of fucking change in this new generation. I’m fucking tired of being apathetic as a result of waiting on the world to change. We’re the first fucking generation with an unparralleled platform and we’re too busy complaining about something as simple as linguistic attachments to systematic problems (I’m looking at you PC ass gender pronoun ass motherfuckers) that we’ve failed to do anything to attack the systems themselves. We need to forgo the internet activism which we’ve grown so accustomed to equate to change and we need to get our heads back in the fucking world. Cause Lord knows the other side has already been on it. The bigots exist on the streets not on reddit and we’re too busy staring at a blue light screen than meet them out there. We need to follow what Mac and Nipsey championed: a genuine interest in our communities.

This piece is by Sean Lee. Follow him on Twitter @Sean_Leee.

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