"Stewart Ave" Gets A CALMTENT Review

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

By Matthew Arrieta

From the depths of YouTube comes the debut album of aspiring internet personality, Jamesmikel Abobo. The sad-rap album titled Stewart Ave that Abobo released under the alias Kauzum consists of 10 songs, all written by Abobo himself, and all beats made by various internet producers.

So the big question remains. Can this white boy rap? Encountering his initial style, Abobo does not come off as casual as the beats he raps behind. But before you can say “cultural appropriation,” Abobo proves his talent in lyricism and flow on various tracks.

Keeping the substance on a suburban level, the Las Vegas native raps about his own struggle with relationships, ringing to the likes of Marshall Mathers without the trauma. His emotional upbeat keeps you interested in the whole project, waiting for the next ridiculous thing he’ll decide to rhyme about.

Hard to say whether the experimental artist takes himself seriously as a musician, Abobo parodies the Soul Provider album cover by Michael Bolton on his own, claiming a heartbreak as the driving motivation for this project. The whole album is a well put-together composition of something you would find floating in the mainstream. And despite his comedic style, Abobo’s personal feelings reveal themselves on a collection of heartfelt songs.

Shunning the lack of swagger in Abobo’s voice, Stewart Ave really shines through the flow, lyricism and the choice of instrumentals, which we at CALMTENT think deserves their recognition. The album features smooth production by DaDudeBigB, Taylor King, Yondo, J Roes, Bandit Luce and Kenneth English.

You can decide for yourself if Kauzum will be saved in your library and check out Stewart Ave on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and more. You can also check out more of Abobo’s content on his Youtube channel “Kauzum.”

Everyone's Instagram who worked on Stewart Ave:

@Kauzum | @Dadudebigb | @Taylorisking | @Jonahroesler | @Bandit_luce | @Whoisyondo | @Kennethenglish

This piece is by Matthew Arietta. Follow him on Twitter @Cyber_Drakula.

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