TwoLips Keeps It Funky With "Slow Sex"

By Sean Lee

“When I am peaking, don’t run away,” sings Los Angeles based artist TwoLips in her debut solo song “Slow Sex.” With a single as infectious as the one she put out this week, we are here to stay.

Rather than adhere to the cliché of dark and cynical lyricism typical in modern neo-soul artists such as Jorja Smith and Billie Eilish, TwoLips, real name is Kianah, evokes a sense of empowerment and utter joy with her first foray into her solo career.

Confidence is a key factor in this presentation and one might be quick to lump TwoLips as an artist in the same realm of mainstream hitters Cardi B and Ella Mai, but that’s a hasty association. Under the song’s mainstream appeal and swagger exists a complex musical arrangement, courtesy of producer Josh Reinhardt, owing equally to 70’s funk band Funkadelic as well as the modern production styling of Ludwig Goransson, who brought the funk to Childish Gambino’s Awaken My Love. TwoLips sets herself apart from similar neo-soul singers, forgoing the atmospheric tension and embracing the music of her upbringing.

Supporting the single is a vibrant music video directed by queer artist Whitney Skauge. The video, showcasing an all-female cast led by an all-female crew, captures the unabashed reclamation of sexuality through its inclusion of androgynous and diverse dancers, confident color scheme and intense choreography.

All female casts might seem gimmicky, especially in this day and age when Hollywood seems to be remaking every movie under the sun with an all-female cast (perhaps as a superficial apology for its long withstanding patriarchal dominance). But Skauge’s video, with its tightness of execution and choreography, is anything but a gimmick. This video perfectly captures the estrogenic empowerment of “Slow Sex” perfectly. Who else to vivify it but the women who don’t give a fuck about what you think?

“Slow it Down” sings TwoLips on her new single, which is ironic for an artist whose career seems on an accelerating rise.

This piece is by Sean Lee. Follow him on Twitter @Sean_Leee.

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